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In a time where almost everyone has a smart phone, one of the oldest forms of communication is hardly used. For some, almost never. Here is where I hope Pen & Post will help encourage you and those you know to change that. 

If you're here, you might have received a postcard from someone who's heard of or has decided to participate in this project. It's simple: get postcards here, write as much or as little as you'd like to a friend, loved one or a total stranger (you might need their mailing address though). Pop that baby in the mail with regular postage and off it goes. There's nothing more heartfelt and personable than a handwritten note and it's a moment out of your day to do it.

Keep writing alive by participating. My love of the handwritten letter hopes that people will continue to do it so that my children will still write me notes and appreciate one of the oldest and most beautiful forms of communication. 

Should you feel like sharing and seeing what else is being sent out there, post via your preferred social media outlet and hashtag with: #penandpost. Happy writing!